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As I said, I can’t update this blog anymore. Not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I barely have time for myself, and I have a shitty computer and a shitty laptop, so I can’t save a billion pictures and open three tabs at the same time. It sucks so bad, but I’ll TRY to update it as soon as I can, and if someone at least helped me, it would be GREAT.

Anonymous: theres a ton of bad stuff going down in Boston right now, do you know if Tina is ok???

He is fine, at least the last time I checked he was alive and doing stuff for Sickotine. It was a few days ago.

Anonymous: Awww no! I totally luv this blog! Why cant you update anymore? :c

I’m so busy lately I barely have time for myself, I don’t want to delete it because it’s my baby, so I need someone to take care of it for me. :(

Message me if you want to run this blog.

I can’t update it anymore, sorry. :(

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